Capital Physio launches flagship clinic on Harley Street

NEWS - 12TH JULY 2019

Capital Physio’s acquisition of ESPH’s Harley Street clinic is the first step in the company’s ambition to open several high-end performance hubs across London, offering more than just physiotherapy

A planned refit of the Harley Street Medical Area clinic this summer will combine Capital Physio’s clinical expertise, the latest wearable technology and stunning aesthetics to create an inspiring space in which clients can enjoy focusing on health, performance and overall wellbeing.

42 Harley Street already has a reputation for providing high end musculoskeletal physiotherapy, to which Capital Physio plans to add several exciting new classes and services, including a specialist Women’s Health clinic.

State of the art technology will track recovery and performance to keep clients fully informed about and engaged with their progress, while Capital Physio encourages and facilitates them to achieve their individual goals.

Joshua Catlett, CEO of Capital Physio, says: “As a business, we are constantly looking to evolve. We have always focused on building a world-class clinical team and delivering results to our clients, but we want to go further. Being on Harley Street is a real milestone and we plan to create a space that is as inspiring as it is effective, ensuring the clinic is worthy of its prestigious location.”

Max Sharp, CEO of ESPH, adds: “We hand-picked Capital Physio to take over the running of the Harley Street practice because they are a young, exciting and dynamic company who share our values. Patient focus is at the heart of both their thinking and ours, so we are confident that Capital Physio will continue the very best standards of care.”

The Harley Street Medical Area is a significant cluster comprising 1.9 m sq ft of hospitals, clinics and specialists who deliver outstanding patient care through pioneering treatments and cutting-edge technologies. The area, managed by long-term landlord, The Howard de Walden Estate brings together a community of world-renowned medical professionals.

Simon Baynham, Property Director for The Howard de Walden Estate, added: “Harley Street Medical Area has a worldwide reputation for medical excellence, innovation and patient experience and we are delighted to welcome dynamic companies such as Capital Physio to the area. We are always looking for new innovative companies to join HSMA and Capital Physio are a welcome addition to the Estate.”

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