The London Clinic partners with Datar Cancer Genetics

NEWS - 12TH APRIL 2022

HSMA hospital’s partnership with provider of precision oncology-based services will provide a platform for personalised cancer medicine

The London Clinic has announced a partnership with Datar Cancer Genetics to provide precision oncology-based solutions. Datar Cancer Genetics, which has a state-of-the-art lab facility in Surrey, is a leading cancer research corporation specialising in non-invasive, molecular and cell analysis-based techniques for screening, diagnosis and management of cancer.

“We are delighted to partner with The London Clinic and extend our innovative, personalised cancer solutions with an unparalleled range of blood diagnostics for clinicians and patients,” said Dr Vineet Datta, executive director of Datar Cancer Genetics. “This collaboration will provide advanced cancer genomics to the patient community, and we will work closely with the oncology team to support better informed clinical decision making.”

Lina Patel, head of cancer services at The London Clinic, added: “We believe that our partnership with Datar Cancer Genetics will provide an excellent platform to offer precision personalised medicine, leading to more patients surviving and hopefully thriving for many years post-treatment. It’s through partnerships like this, with best practice shared openly, that the global heath community will advance clinical excellence.”