Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Bra Sisters at The London Clinic


The Bra Sisters, run by two former breast cancer patients, launch a pop-up post-mastectomy bra fitting service at The London Clinic

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The London Clinic is teaming up with two of its former patients, known as The Bra Sisters, to introduce a new post-mastectomy bra fitting service to the Harley Street Medical Area.

Kate Courtman and Sarah Mountford have a lot in common. Both have successful careers, are in their thirties, are married with two children, and live just five minutes from each other. However, they had never met until they were both diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018.

Most of their treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy, took place at The London Clinic, situated on Harley Street in London’s medical district. However, both women had a negative experience when shopping for bras following their mastectomy surgeries. This led them to become more than just friends – they became partners in ensuring other people didn’t have the same experience.

“When you’re fresh out of surgery and you’re trying to get used to your new body, the reality can really hit you,” said Kate. “I had an awful experience in the lingerie department of one store, the lady looked horrified when I explained to her about my double mastectomy and reconstruction.”

“Often, the post-mastectomy bras on offer aren’t something you would ever have chosen for yourself, and that shouldn’t change because you’ve had breast cancer,” said Sarah. “Kate and I had such similar experiences trying to find bras. At a time when you want to feel like you and regain that sense of identity after surviving breast cancer, the support just isn’t there. It can feel really lonely.”

The London Clinic Duchess of Devonshire Wing

The London Clinic Duchess of Devonshire Wing

Confidence and comfort
Kate and Sarah created The Bra Sisters with the aim of providing a positive and personal bra fitting experience for people who have undergone mastectomies. Both women trained to become certified fitters in both standard and post-mastectomy bra fitting, and are passionate about instilling confidence and comfort in their clients.

For the first time ever, this service is being made available from a hospital, with the aim of providing support for even more people. Dr Nalishebo Elliott, head of patient experience and quality outcomes at The London Clinic, said: “Our belief is that no one should have to compromise on feeling their best and most authentic self, which can be hugely challenging for many after a cancer diagnosis. We’ve been supportive of Kate and Sarah since day one. The Bra Sisters are an example of great advocacy for health and wellbeing, and they are so aligned with our vision as an independent hospital and charity. We see this as the start of a journey in using our position in Harley Street to connect people, as a means of providing support beyond just medical treatment.”

The pop-up can be found in The London Clinic’s dedicated cancer unit, The Duchess of Devonshire Wing, 22 Devonshire Place, on Friday 22nd October, from 9am to 4pm. The service will be open to the public and patients of The London Clinic. To book a bra fitting in advance, visit the Bra Sisters website.