HSMA cognitive health clinic teams up with data analytics experts


Re:Cognition Health is collaborating with MYndspan, a scanning and analytics company, to offer patients data-led insights into brain health

Cognitive healthcare provider Re:Cognition Health is collaborating with MYndspan, a brain and wellness analytics company, to support its patients with data-led insights into their brain health.

The 45-minute MYndspan service – during which a user simply sits in a chair with their head in a scanner – is powered by a non-invasive scanning technology called magnetoencephalography (MEG). MEG measures the electrical signals between neurons to form a highly detailed map of brain activity and is used alongside app-based games to test cognitive function like attention and memory.

Within 24 hours of the scan, MYndspan sends an easy-to-understand report of their brain health, which can help make a personalised assessment how lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise and diet impact on the patient’s brain.

One in six people will develop a neurological condition during their lifetime and one in four adults will experience poor mental health, yet diagnosing, treating and monitoring neurological conditions can be challenging. Not only are symptoms alike across many neurodegenerative disorders and mental health conditions, but the diagnostic assessment of these conditions is mostly based on subjective verbal assessments and measures of cognitive function like reaction speed or short-term memory. MYndspan’s technology measures brain activity, providing users with measurable insights into their brain health, and helping to identify meaningful changes over time – even before early symptoms emerge.

MYndspan CEO Janne Huhtala has his brain scanned using MEG technology

MYndspan CEO Janne Huhtala has his brain scanned using MEG technology

Re:Cognition Health specialises in cognitive health conditions like autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, concussion and other traumatic brain injuries. With MYndspan’s technology, these patients will have access to detailed data about their brain health, and how it might have improved in response to treatment.

Dr Emer MacSweeney, a consultant neuroradiologist and CEO of Re:Cognition Health Ltd, says: “The brain is the most complex object on the planet and our ability to diagnose, treat and monitor conditions affecting the brain and mind is only as good as the technology we can deploy to analyse it. MYndspan’s data-driven quantification of brain health using MEG technology is ground-breaking.

“Our brain and mind experts are confident that MYndspan’s data-led insights will not only help to inform the care we provide for our patients, but also empower individuals with their own data. A better understanding of subtle functional changes in the brain, detected only by MEG imaging, will ideally improve how we protect and manage our brain health.”

Caitlin Baltzer, co-founder and COO of MYndspan, says: “A pivotal aspect of our mission has always been to empower individuals with their own brain data and being able to achieve this with the support of Re:Cognition Health – who value and understand the power of functional data – is an exciting milestone. Our collaboration will enable an exchange of our services, meaning that MYndspan’s customers will also have access to a clinical neurological pathway should they need one.”