Fortius Clinic announces renewal of Rugby Players Association partnership

NEWS - 31ST MARCH 2022

HSMA orthopaedics and sports injury clinic supports professional rugby players through their careers and in the transition to retirement

Fortius Clinic has announced the renewal of its official partnership with the Rugby Players Association (RPA). The RPA is the representative body of professional rugby players in England, with a membership of more than 800 male and female current players and more than 400 former players. It supports, promotes and protects the interest of members throughout their careers and the transition to retirement from professional sport.

Founded in 2009, Fortius Clinic has an international reputation in sports injury treatment and is the provider of choice for many Premier League football and Premiership rugby clubs, as well as a recognised FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence.

Jim McAvoy, chief executive of Fortius Clinic

Jim McAvoy, chief executive of Fortius Clinic

Jim McAvoy, chief executive of Fortius Clinic, said: “We are delighted to continue our relationship with the RPA and to provide its members with access to world-class care through our team of surgeons, radiologists and physicians, who are leaders in their field. We are extremely proud of our reputation in sports medicine and orthopaedics and we are honoured to be able to make our services available to many existing and former professional rugby players and teams.”

Damian Hopley, RPA group CEO, added: “This partnership is vital to the success and long-term health of our members. The challenges for players leaving the game they love are well documented and the support of the world-leading specialists at the Fortius Clinic gives our past and present players the medical expertise they need to transition to life after rugby.”