Echelon Health launches Evergreen Membership

NEWS - 21ST JULY 2020

HSMA preventative health assessment provider has recently launched a new membership programme, which emphasises early disease detection and prevention

Echelon Health, a provider of preventative health assessments in the Harley Street Medical Area, has recently launched a new membership programme, known as Evergreen, which emphasises early disease detection and prevention.

Collectively, the state-of-the-art scans and tests included in the programme detect for 92% of the diseases that lead to premature death in men aged 50 to 69, and over 95% for women in the same age range. Should anything worrisome be detected, Echelon Health will quickly make a referral to a leading specialist consultant in its network to discuss treatment, or alternatively provide a referral to the NHS.

Yearly programme
For a one-off joining fee and a fixed monthly fee, Evergreen clients receive a programme of scans, arranged over three years. Every year, this will include:

— A medical questionnaire, reviewed by a consultant physician
— A comprehensive set of blood tests covering more than 40 parameters including, at the moment, a Covid-19 antibody test
— An electrocardiogram (ECG)
— A full body mole screen
— Complimentary membership to Babylon Health’s digital GP service

Over the course of the three years, clients will also undergo three scanning modules, each of which utilises the most advanced diagnostic imaging equipment and will be analysed by experienced radiologists. The modules are:

Cardio: Echelon Health uses one of the world’s most advanced CT scanners to image the heart arteries and lungs at a resolution of just 0.3mm to detect the earliest stages of disease.

Abdo / Pelvis: Many of the scans focus on cancer detection. This module also includes bone density measurement and an EOS scan, which analyses the musculoskeletal system while the client is in a weight-bearing upright posture.

Brain, Neck and Other: Echelon Health operate a 3 Tesla MRI machine to image the brain, which is significantly more powerful than the 1.5 Tesla machines the NHS usually operates. A prostate MRI coupled with the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) blood test is the gold-standard test for prostate cancer screening, whilst a Digital Mammogram is so for breast cancer.