The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic

Asif Chatoo of The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic is highly recommended as a clinician for all patients wanting discreet braces.

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26 Harmont House
20 Harley Street

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Asif Chatoo was the first specialist to open a UK centre dedicated to lingual orthodontics, braces behind the teeth. Since the clinic opened more than ten years ago, he has treated many patients of all ages, from seven to over 70.

Asif believes in giving his patients the level of care that he would want for himself or for his family. This means you see him regularly throughout your treatment. It also means that he places a high premium on dental hygiene. He employs hygienists at the practice for patients who don’t have a hygienist at the dental practice where they are registered.

A holistic approach is taken by Asif who takes an interest in his patients’ well-being while they in treatment. For example, he works with a nutritionist who will help patients have a healthy diet that’s suitable for brace-wearers and if you are worried about your speech, Asif will refer to a speech therapist who will support you as you embark on orthodontics. And he partners with some excellent dentists for those who want more than just teeth-straightening. Tooth-whitening is also available in the clinic.

As a private West End practice with a patient base of mostly adults, he wants to make sure that all your comforts are catered for while you are having treatment. Whether it’s a warming or cooling drink, the day’s papers or current magazines, Asif and the team at the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic want to make your time in the practice relaxed and fun.

Asif specialises in lingual and can provide any lingual system but he is also able to offer Invisalign and other treatments. As he is a specialist who only provides orthodontic treatment, you are in good hands. Orthodontics at the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic isn’t just about teeth-straightening but about an improved bite and facial harmony.